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With Your Freedom at Risk it is Wise to Pay for Experience and Personal Attention

What Carl Faller
Brings to Your Defense:

1. 100% Criminal Trial and Appellate focus in Fresno, Tulare and surrounding counties.
2. Over 30 years of criminal law experience including Federal Grand Jury Investigations, all major felonies and high stakes white collar cases.
3. Former Chief Prosecutor in Federal and State Courts.
4. Aggressive and professional representation.
5. As the 2014 president of the Fresno County Bar Association and the 2009 President of the local Federal Bar Association, I have excellent working relationships with the Bench, Bar & Press.


Carl M. Faller
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There are few things more intimidating than being the focus of a criminal investigation or prosecution.  The resources available to law enforcement agencies are massive and their power formidable.  To face such a situation alone is both dangerous and foolish.  The police have their attorney, the prosecutor, and you need your own legal representation to successfully navigate the mine field that is the criminal justice system.  For over 30 years, criminal defense lawyer Carl M. Faller  has handled every type of criminal case in both state and federal court.  From capital murder to driving under the influence, from drug dealing to white collar fraud, Mr. Faller has spent his professional life working in the criminal justice system, and has heard and seen just about everything the system has to offer.  When your freedom is at risk, there truly is no substitute for experience.

Mr. Faller has been both a state and federal prosecutor, and in those roles has learned how  prosecutorial decisions are made and how law enforcement agencies operate.  Because of this experience, he is uniquely qualified to judge the strengths and weaknesses of a particular case and to give sound advice and representation throughout the process.

If you have been contacted by law enforcement representatives, and believe that you may be suspected of a crime, Mr. Faller will speak and act on your behalf to determine the focus of the investigation and how you are involved.  Because of his experience, he can directly contact police agencies and prosecutors to gather valuable information regarding your situation, and then  guide you with sound advice so that you do not do yourself harm during the investigation.

If you are actually accused of a crime, Mr. Faller will represent you at all court proceedings, speak on your behalf,  evaluate the evidence that the prosecutor intends to introduce against you, and make all available legal challenges to the evidence  based on police or prosecutorial misconduct.  Even if you don’t want to go to trial, the assistance of an experienced criminal attorney will likely influence the type of disposition that will be offered.  Very often, prosecutors are reluctant to go to trial against a skilled defense attorney at the risk of having the weaknesses in their evidence exposed, and will therefore be more willing to accept a plea to a lesser charge or agree to a more lenient sentence.  But, if a case eventually has to be tried, you need an experienced and respected trial lawyer in your corner, one who has a proven track record of  persuading both juries and judges.  With over 100 criminal jury trials to his credit, Carl Faller is that lawyer.

Finally, even if you are convicted, grounds for appeal may exist, and Mr. Faller is also an experienced appellate attorney, having briefed and argued over 50 cases before the United States Court of Appeals.  He has also argued before the California Court of Appeal and the California Supreme Court.  Few attorneys have this level of experience at both the trial and appellate level.

Being a suspect or defendant in a criminal case can be the loneliest feeling in the world.  Get help, and get it early.  Carl Faller knows how the system works and how to make it work best for you.      

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